Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bunda Teresa From Baghdad

Madeeha Hasan Odhaib pour out entire the alives to help tens thousands iraq refugee ignored

In the middle of terror and murder glow at a thousand and one country evening, presence Odhaib, 37, parable oasis in the middle of Sahara. When many people at this worlds busy with private affair, Odhaib jump down direct to evacuation champs at iraq, especially place birth it at districts Karada by canalize aid.

For Iraq member hunger and feel cold, aid that canalized Odhaib ” alive and die ”. industry and the demureness helps that refugee nudges everyone heart ever meet with him. they are even also begin to call it with nick name ”Bunda Theresa from Baghdad”.

Queen Rania from Yordania called odhaib as daredevil woman that has power recovers for iraq nation suffering. ” She will not ever capitulate although the soul threatened, ” comment Rania to time. That character blessing is magazine time laids odhaib in list 100 person influentialest at last week beginning worlds.

The name in a line with famous ones at various other world split likes former english prime minister Tony Blair, former lord mayor new york Michael Bloomberg, senators Barack Obama, senators Hillary Clinton, president China Hu Jintao and africa national congress president Jacob Zuma. Odhaib more specialer, because succumbed only muslimah the name stays in list 100 person influentialest magazine versions.

The existence even also be pride every moslem at world. At districts Karada, Odhaib be figure very known society. From there Odhaib managed aid delivery routinely to various champ at Iraq. Iraq army helps Odhaib distribute main need ingredient likes rice, tea, sugar, frying oil, and cover.

” Only Madeeha Hasan Odhaib that and visit us, ” Hadi Shaker Hamadi say, one from tens thousands refugee at Baghdad like written time. That aid comes from various organization non government likes red crescent, red cross, and iraq aid group, hands of mercy. Besides logistics aid from security troo, Odhaib doesn't get aid anything from iraq government.

With various that limitedness, Odhaib always overflowed when speak direct with refugee family mengunjunginya. The action consequence, various murder threat not free tag it. ” I get threat mail twice because involved in this activity, ” Odhaib that wear Iraq country pictorial gold medal at the neck.

” But, I shall not ever stop to help to who even also that want, although the bet soul. that is because i know me do true action, ” Odhaib said. Odhaib follower syiah as does a large part citizen Karada. Still, she describes self not sektarian and pure Iraq member.

She begins that social job because impulsion resides in Iraq people struggle front line to sovereign to return. That determination is proved with existence 12 sewing works at the ear. That wound is part from legend whom he has. at a evening in 2003, five robbers invades the house. They force Odhaib say where the family saves.

Odhaib fearless with threat and threat five that robbers. She opposes and involved fight with robbers. Before fight with robber, Odhaib ask husband and two the childs out house. Odhaib even also face five that robbers alone. She is direct scratches face three robbers before they paralyse it with seize by the hair hair odhaib and strike it with pistol handle.

That licking makes ear superintendent Odhaib torn and blood flows from there. Robbers final out house without bring money a little even also. That story is even also makes Odhaib as new legend at the region. that story also that popularize the name at Karada up to Odhaib asked to progress in parliament election. The fame makes Odhaib successful reaches chair at districts council Karada.

After that victory, Odhaib more focus helps iraq poor member. Estimated, 2,4 million Iraq people above the ground "terlunta-lunta" be vagrant at violence consequence Iraq corner. United State of America army occupation to Iraq in 2003 change that country has been ”neraka” new full terror and murder. Odhaib even also be place oasis refugees menumbuh new hope.

Odhaib now step more progress so that Iraq member can to help their self self. She is now begin to employ a part unemployment that achieve 60% Iraq citizen. She also gathers aid to bought 60 sewing machine and open a small industry space with employ 100 womans from refugee family.

That strong woman is program sure can help amount of has income self, although little. Thereby, has opportunity opens new effort better. Odhaib believe program 60 that sewing machine can success as the individual experience moment the husband stop work in 1990-an.

Moment that, she supports family finance with open a store sews little at Baghdad. initially Odhaib make order coats with three sewing machine that buyed it from savings. The business even also then rapidly grow so that can employ two womans. New store Odhaib that is opened in 23 februaries ago and now more busyer.

She is success get contract from iraq well-being ministry to make coat and bed-clothes velbed hospital. Odhaib admit to get project again from government with make 1.000 new Iraq flag. She hopes rapid the effort more tighter to help more many refugee families other. (syarifudin, koran sindo, tuesday, 06 may 2008)

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