Friday, May 09, 2008

Muhammad Hinduism Prophet

A professor language from Alahabad University India in one of [the] book endly have a title " kalky autar" (instruction very great) bew is published to hold a statement very startle Hindu intellectual circle.
The professor openly and with scientific reasons, invite Hindu followers to soon embrace Islamic religion and all at once trust essay that brought by Rasulullah may Allah bless him and give him peace, because according to him, actually Muhammad rasulul may Allah bless him and give him peace figure that waited as innovator figure spiritual.

Prof. Waid Barkash (book author) that still Brahmin class big priest says that he extradite the study result to eight Hindu class big priests and they are all approve conclusion and invitation that declared in book. All criterias that mentioned in hindu class holy book (wedha) about feature " kalky autar " same exactly with feature that has by Rasulullah may Allah bless him and give him peace.

In Hindu teachings is mentioned to hit characteristic kalky autar mengantaranya, that he be gived at peninsula, the father nameds syanuyihkat and the mother nameds sumaneb. in word sanskrit syanuyihkat blend two words that is syanu mean Allah while yahkat mean man child or servant in arabian language is called Abdun.

thereby word syanuyihkat mean" abdul" . and so do word sumaneb in sanskrit means amana or amaan the arabian language translation " Aminah " . Temporary everybody know that father names rasulullah may Allah bless him and give him peace Abdul and the mother name Aminah.

In book wedha also be mentioned that god will send massenger will into sebiuah cave to will teach kalky autar (instruction very great). Story that called in book wedha this remind insident at cave hira moment rasulul be visited angel Jibril to will teach to it vision about Islam.

Proof other that proposed by prof barkash that book wedha also narated that god will give kalky autar a horse that run it very fast that bring kalky autar surround seven sky layers. this be insident direct hint isra mi'raj where does apostle drive buroq
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