Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A trip to Paris

by kasmadi

Paris? Wow who refused to be taken to Paris. Eifel Tower is pictured in front of the eye.
Eit ... whoa, is pictured Paris wrote. Paris was there in Jogjakarta, hangout again young couple in love, make off tired after work and once weekly family gathering.

The journey to Paris we will be treated to a pretty hot country, knowing the beach. But along the way we'll also see a beautiful panoramic paddy dikes, when I happened to Paris's harvest. Paris does have a beautiful contour because there is complete hills, fields and certainly no direct beach.

Sendri Paris beach is legendary, since a few years ago I come and visit for a second time. Beautiful beaches with large waves and high are on the lips for the Indian ocean. Actually, the beach is made as worthy Paris sanur beach in Bali only in the direction of development there does not seem to mind. Paris is a hilly coast better than the Sanur beach. Perbukitannya can be used for paragliding, and fine sandy beaches for sunbathing can. Unfortunately, management is in shambles and the cleanliness of him that is not guaranteed. Stalls were scattered everywhere, not to mention the gig which also take tourists back and forth around the beach. Lodging is not arranged neatly. Well, there are many very shortcomings. Despite all these shortcomings are worthy of the Paris beach used as one of the beach tourism destination in Jogjakarta.

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